Network Setup Problem after number porting

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Network Setup Problem after number porting

Post by fnscotsman » Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:53 pm

For several weeks I have had no issues with the Teleo device and overall OOMA service. However today my land line number was ported over and everything was working great. I had a e-mail from OOMA stating that the porting was successful but I should re-load the unit. I took their advise and did the power reset of the unit. After the reload all my network devices (iphone laptop) could not access the Internet. I have a modem -> OOMA Toleo -> Apple Airport Extreme :-> LAN.
Prior to installing the Toleo my Internet was set up for PPOE. When I installed the OOMA inbetween the modem and router it too configured itself as PPOE without a problem and life was good. I didn't even need to adjust my router settings.
Now since the number was ported I can not get the Internet to connect through the Toleo. In the mean time I moved the Toleo onto the LAN port of the router and everything is once again working.
I did try re-configuring the the Airport Extreme for DHCP but that was not successful.

Any ideas on what may have changed after I rebooted with my new ported phone number? That should not have affected my LAN in any way but obviously somethig did.

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Re: Network Setup Problem after number porting

Post by murphy » Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:31 am

Your pppoe credentials should be in the DSL modem.
All devices behind the modem should be set for DHCP.
The Ooma config should be set to use the built-in MAC address.
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Re: Network Setup Problem after number porting

Post by fnscotsman » Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:48 am

I initially had no problems when I set up my OOMA on my AE as any other LAN device. Then I thought I would put it in front of the AE as recommended. This worked for a period of time until I ported my phone number over and they told me to reset the OOMA. When I did I couldnt get the AE to connect to the Internet through the OOMA. So I moved the OOMA back behind the AE on my LAN. I then started having severe packet loss After working with my ISP I went through the following:-

I think what originally transpired was a conflict between my OOMA VOIP Device and my Airport Extreme. I believe that they were both set for PPPoE and may have resulted in some conflict and possibly causing the packet loss I was seeing.
When I had the OOMA plugged into my Airport Extreme as just another LAN device everything seemed normal and worked for a while then I started getting the problems (don't know what the catalyst to the problem was).
Anyway OOMA had originally recommended that I install it in line between my MODEM (you guys) and my ROuter (Airport Extreme) as this would provide better voice quality due to the fact there would be less LAN contention I guess.
So earlier in the week when I stabilized from the troubleshooting we did I simply connected the OOMA to the WAN and let it do its thing. I then connected a single MAC to the back of the OOMA and let it configure via DHCP. The weird part was that the Airport Express should have been able to configure from the OOMA using DHCP but could not for some reason, so I left it out of play for a while. I then tried last night to connect the Airport Express directly to the WAN and it would not even sync up with a direct PPPoE connection bypassing the OOMA. (Still following me?)

Tonight I finally got a configuration working.

RADIOMODEM ---> OOMA ---> AIrport Extreme ---> LAN

The OOMA is talking to you using PPPoE as it should and distributes DHCP 172.x.x.x to the internal network here. I configured to the Airport WAN interface for a static IP in the OOMA range and it finally found the Internet. I then have the Airport providing a new NAT pool to my LAN using the 10.x.x.x range. Yes there is a double NAT taking place but everything is once again working.

Next step will be to try removing the NAT in the Airport and setting to Bridge mode to see if it works.

Anyway, thought you might find this interesting and possibly useful if you have someone else out there with similar troubles.

PS Since this time I also tried changing the NAME that the Airport Utility recognized my AE as. When I did this and re-loaded the AE it would not connect. So I would default the configuration and start over. If I leave the name untouched it seems to work (Weird).

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