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#45814 by kayembee
Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:32 pm
My Ooma is currently up and running as I wait for my number to be ported. I had to get a separate number while waiting for my number to be ported because I seem to have a set up issue. Currently my phone service and DSL are all bundled in the same outlet. So the phone company - Frontier Communications, gave me a splitter. On one side is for DSL and the other is for phone service. The phone side of the splitter goes into my All in One printer. Because of that I could not plug my phone directly into the wall jack. So the Ooma technician informed me that the only way that this will work is if I have Frontier come out and set up a standalone DSL jack. Then to make things even more complicated, this printer is set up so that I can print from any computer in the house without being directly connected to it. So allowing me to plug the printer into the phone jacks would not solve the problem of the wireless connection. I guess I just blew his mind because he had no idea how to help me except to say that I would either be able to use the fax or us the wireless capability but not both. To me that is a problem. I work from home a lot and I need both the printer and the fax. I also don't like to be tied to just one room when working. I basically can work anywhere in my house now but with the Ooma it seems that I will not be able to do this.

I am wondering if anyone else has run into this problem and resolved the issue. I am in the midst of having my number ported. Maybe the solution is to get the stand alone DSL service and set it up just as I have things set up now with the DSL splitter which should allow me to use my Ooma and my all-in-one printer. Then the other phone jacks will allow me to use the other phones in my house through Ooma since the phone connected to my Ooma will be connected to the other phone jack. At least I am hoping that will work. Someone please let me know if they think I am "smoking" something or if I am on the right track here. If not and you know of a better solution, please let me know.

I was hoping that this was going to be easy and I should have known, nothing is every easy if you have a network set up in your home! :cry:

Karen Bryant
#45815 by Leeway
Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:39 pm
Hmmmm, I sure am no expert at this like many of the whiz-kids out here but in my case, I do not have any phone connected to my Ooma at all. I have my Ooma Telo plugged into the wall jack and all of the jacks in my house are active. This gave me all the flexibility I needed for phones, printers, fax, etc.

I'm sure some of the good people here will have other or better answers for you but that works for me.

#45840 by amoney
Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:57 pm
I think there is alot of confusion.

DSL service on your landline introduces computer data noise, and what I am asuming when you say "splitter" is actually what is called a "filter".

Filters are needed to remove the data noise from the DSL so you do not hear it when you use your phone, or fax.

So this splitter, the filter side goes to your fax all in one printer, the other side is unfiltered and goes to your DSL computer line.

As far as printing wireless to your all in one printer, nothing will change or effect that. That is entirely independent of Ooma.

Now faxing is a whole different story. Most have success but there is no guarrantee untill you try faxing connected to the Ooma box. Hence once you PORT your landline and your DSL service converts to whats called "Dry Loop", you will no longer have a landline, so your fax machine will be dead connected to that spliter/filter/phone jack. Your fax machine does not work via the DSL connection, fax machine needs a landline, your getting rid of your landline and replacing it with Ooma, you need to connect the fax machine to Ooma. Try it now.

I remember your earlier posting of yours, I think your confusion of wrapping your mind around all the connections is the logistic of where everything is located and how your going to connect everything.

#45845 by amoney
Sun Feb 07, 2010 2:26 pm
kayembee wrote:So I am assuming that your number has been ported and you are not using DSL but maybe a cable modem and not DSL?

What Donna has, is "backfeeding" the Ooma box into a phone jack on a wall. TO DO THIS you have to disconnect the TELCO box outside your home to prevent the voltage interferring. Doing this allows you to place the Ooma box anywhere in the home and have your telephone base connected in another more conveinent location. You can do this with DSL service you just need to obviously get someone (although it is easy but I dont think you want the hassel) that can isolate a "clean" pair of wires as the DSL will be on the other pair. Telephone wiring consists of 2 pairs of wires (total of 4 wires), each pair of wires is a "line". So your DSL is on one pair, you just need to split or seperate the other pair to have a "clean" connection. All this is referred to as integration with your phone wiring NOT to be confused with landline integration where Ooma uses a active landline to actually place calls. In Donna's setup a call is placed from the phone through the wall wiring into the Ooma and out over the internet (VOIP).

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