Need help with Verizon router

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Re: Need help with Verizon router

Post by hpepper » Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:00 pm

byersthja wrote:
mlaurence wrote:Thanks alot, that worked perfectly. I guess I just didn't understand what the wall port was for. I have another question, though. My router is in my basement (computers are wireless) Will I have any problem if I use a 15 ft cat5 cable to connect the Ooma upstairs so I don't have to run to the basement to see if there are any messages.
15 feet is no problem. I have about a 25 foot ethernet cable from my FiOS router in the basement to the Ooma unit in the kitchen. Theoretically, you can run ethernet to 100 meters. Beyond that, you start losing signal.
This is Correct - Ethernet works at 100 meters, which is 328 feet. This is theoretical and the actual distance is usually longer... But it also depends on the quality of the cable and especially on the terminated terminations or punch downs or cable ends. The only way to be 100% sure is to put a cable tester on a run, although I have gone over 100 meters many times and had no problems.

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