POTS line randomly stops ringing in...

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POTS line randomly stops ringing in...

Post by sota » Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:12 pm

I'm in the process of porting my number, currently on a POTS line, over to Ooma but in the mean time have that same POTS number connected to my Ooma Telo so that I can receive phone calls normally. What happens is randomly (between 24-72 hours) the Telo stops responding to incoming calls on the POTS line. the line 1 indicator no longer turns red when a call comes in and the call logs at my.ooma don't show the calls. when this happens I can place calls perfectly fine however. if I reboot the Telo it starts responding normally until the next outage. Since I've got a couple weeks until the number ports I'd like to find out what's causing this and see if I can't fix it. Also it makes me nervous... am I going to have a problem with my Telo after the number port is completed?

my wiring is setup as follows...

FiOS (biz 25/15) -> Netgear 614v9 -> Ooma Telo -> incoming POTS line to 'wall' jack, house POTS wiring to 'phone' jack

I cannot put the Telo before my router for configuration reasons.


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Re: POTS line randomly stops ringing in...

Post by DL12 » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:31 pm

For what it's worth, I basically have the same configuration, incoming house POTS > Ooma Telo wall jack > rest of house phones (3). Works fine most of the time but today, calling home from work it appeared to ring the home phone but in reality the phone wasn't ringing. Confirmed with no called ID logged. Not the first time.

I'm very concerned about the possibility of POTS not being available during an emergency - which is why I keep a landline. It's unfortunate I may have to get a manual RJ11 switchbox to take Ooma out of the circuit and connect directly with the POTS. But how do you know incoming calling aren't working to use the switch box......

This will solve the problem of when a power outage takes Ooma offline and POTS no longer works.
Still looking for a better solution.

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Re: POTS line randomly stops ringing in...

Post by murphy » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:33 am

IMHO if you are going to keep your land line you should completely separate it from Ooma.
Change to the non-integrated land line mode and get another phone number from ooma.
Your land line will work no matter what condition ooma is in.
If you want to keep all of your incoming calls on the land line number and not use a separate phone to answer them, forward the land line to the new ooma number.
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