Configuration Option 2A Security/Privacy Risk. PLEASE READ!

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Re: Configuration Option 2A Security/Privacy Risk. PLEASE READ!

Post by tommies » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:25 pm

Dear Indie_dev

You have not reply to my post. As far as I concern, as I had said, your post is just a false alarm. the security risk that your claim is the consequences of your mistake in setting your telo and your router advanced setting (DMZ and/or port forwarding) or maybe there is no security risk at all. I stress it again here, you access your network from within your private LAN using your smart phone wifi (connnected to your wireless router) not from the outside internet. There is no breach here.

Yes, ooma hub and/or telo have limited functionalities as a router, that the reason I (and many others) choose to place it behind my router.

One important point is that the ooma setup page is only accessible from the HOME port. If you or anyone accidentally/intentionally make the ooma setup page accessible on the WAN port--I do--then do not blame it on ooma.
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