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#40784 by egrass
Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:50 pm
I am trying to use an Ooma Hub to get an Ooma dialtone on my 1st floor Panasonic Gigaset using its Line 2 while keeping the Line 1 to connect to my old POTS landline.

The idea is that I could then pick up Line 1 to use my old landline or line 2 to use Ooma. (I kept the POTS service with the Telco and used that as my number listed with Ooma and told Ooma my POTS was still connected)

Can this be done? I can't seem to find any prior posts on this. (The reverse of POTS->2 and Hub->1 would be ok but less desirable).

I have been able to install the Hub and it works just fine with my FIOS router and 1st floor Panasonic Gigaset-- BUT only if is attached to Line 1. If I attach to Line 2 I get nothing. I get red lights and no old or new dial tone.

Perhaps related or not, even when I have the Hub working with Line 1, I have an Ooma scout upstairs on floor 3 that does not work at all. It gets stuck on the 4 red lights indicating that it cannot connect to the Hub through the phone wires. Any ideas what is wrong there? (The 3rd floor phone is a nice RCA ViSYS business type desk phone)

If I use the POTS with the downstairs phone on line 1 and the upstairs on line 1, they both work together and you can hear each other indicating to me they are on phone lines that would appear to connect.

(Only other unusual thing is I have lots of INSTEON power line automation)
#40787 by tommies
Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:03 pm
It depend wether you have land line(POTS) intergration, i.e. your land line will ring through your ooma too.

If you have land line/POTS intergration, you have to choose between using the scout on line 2 or distribute the ooma dial tone on line 2, but not both.

If you do not have intergration, you can have both options using line 2.

If you want it all, you'll need a third twist pair of wire in your house wiring, many newer house now use Cat5 cable with 4 pairs. Inspect your house wiring and then post back. Some one will able to help.

see this thread
#40794 by egrass
Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:31 pm
That is a helpful start, thanks.

I am sure I have CAT5. I don't understand what you mean by integration, i.e. what it is and how to know if I have it.

I have an electrician coming over for some other stuff, so I could set up a third pair, though I'd prefer to avoid the cost and headache if I can, i.e. get a POTS line 1 and Ooma line 2 throughout the house.

The thread you sent makes me wonder if they forgot to turn off my DSL when they hooked up my FIOS three months ago. I see references that the Scout doesn't work in the presence of DSL. Could that be my Scout problem? Something else?

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