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#40196 by triple_vee
Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:33 pm
I currently have VOIP with comcast cable modem.
I successfully activated ooma telo and it successfully updated firmware.
I am doing a number port from comcast to ooma (hasn't happened yet).

the cable modem has a phone cable that goes from modem to phone jack to provide phone service to the rest of the house. the ooma instructions say i can use the ooma service with the existing cable VOIP, but i'm confused about the instructions.

it says to take the phone cable from the cable modem and plug it into the WALL socket of the ooma. ok, i can do that, but then how do I feed the rest of the house? The only other available jack would be the one marked PHONE. Do I connect a phone cable between PHONE and the phone jack that the cable modem used to be plugged into?

Thanks in advance!
#40201 by triple_vee
Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:01 pm
ok, that is exactly what i needed to do: connect a 2nd phone cable between ooma's PHONE jack and the wall jack. Ooma's installation instructions need to be a little more clear. That wasn't intuitively obvious. But great product so far!
#40529 by Tony
Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:21 pm

From my understanding you want to feed all the phone jacks in your house from the Telo, in this case you connect the "Phone" port of the Telo to any wall jack, here are more details: ... hone-jacks


The case you would connect the "Wall" port of the Telo to a wall jack is if you intended to use the Telo with a landline.

In some cases, people use an existing VoIP terminal adapter as a fake "landline", in which case you connect the "Wall" port of the Telo to the phone port of your existing VoIP adapter. This is a setup that we strongly do NOT recommend for several reasons, mainly because 911 calls would be placed through your existing VoIP adapter and they may present electrical characteristics that may differ from landline standards.

This setup needs that you have activated the Telo with "Use with my existing landline" option otherwise it will ignore any incoming call on the "Wall" port. But that seems to be your case.

Once your number is ported, we will switch your Telo to operate in non landline mode, in which case calls on the "Wall" port will be ignored.
#40591 by triple_vee
Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:43 pm
webchrissy wrote:i have the same can you cancel comcast phone now? or for your configuration do you keep it?

i initiated ooma porting my home number to their service, so in the meantime, i'm still with comcast. don't worry, ooma does all the work. it should be seamless from your perspective. just keep on paying your comcast bill to not lose your number.

if you're not porting your old number and have a new number from ooma, i think you can just safely cancel your comcast phone.

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