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#40037 by No-More-Telco
Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:49 am
Very new to this whole OOMA thing, trying to figure out an important issue, no help from OOMA, they cannot seem to understand what I am asking, any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 current land lines, line A and Line B
Line A is home line and has DSL on it, this is the primary OOMA number that is in the process of being ported
Line B is a separate line used for business - have not yet ported this number, no DSL
I plan on cancelling both numbers at some point and going with dry loop on Line A and OOMA for my voice service for both

Two Questions:

1. When the port goes through on Line A, according to OOMA I will lose my DSL connection, why is this, and do I then have to call back and get the line converted to dry loop (ATT/SBC) to get my service back. I cannot cancel before because I need internet and phone continously and ATT states that they cannot separate the lines until after the port??

2. Can I port two different numbers and have them ring separately. I want to cancel line B and port that number and keep all call cyrrently coming into that number the same.

So at the end of the day, I will have two different numbers (the same actual phone numbers I have today) all in the OOma universe and DSL with ATT. I want all callers that currently call the number for Line A to ring on the home line and all callers that currently use the number for Line b to call on that line. I see the hub has two line a Line 1 and Line 2, do i just use those or is it more complicated???

Thanks much
#40040 by AZGuyJoe
Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:09 pm
I had a similar question last week - here's what I learned:

You can hook Line A up to the hub and Line B up to the Scout.
Then in my ooma you can assign Line A to the hub and Line B to the Scout.
When someone calls Line A, only the phone connected to the hub will ring.
When someone calls Line B, only the phone connected to the scout will ring.

I needed to do this for a fax line. Rather than doing it on my ooma I called support and they did it for me. The key words for them might be "assign the line to ...". That seemed to get the desired response.

As far as the DSL question, I think only AT&T can answer that. On other forums here I've seen the question and there were postings that it would happen automatically after the line (not the DSL) was cancelled but you want to check with AT&T on that.

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