Tivo Series 2 and ooma cannot get phone connection to work

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Tivo Series 2 and ooma cannot get phone connection to work

Post by taolsen2003 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:31 am

I posted this to the end of another thread, but I am cross posting to try to see if I can get any additional feedback. I have a Tivo Series 2 and ooma Telo. Below is what DC5280 was able to do to get it to work. I tried that.

I also tried this:

http://rcbullock.blogspot.com/2009/04/t ... rings.html

I could not get that to work, either. I have ordered a Wireless usb network adaptor.


I will try that next. Any other suggestions for getting the Tivo to dial out and update on the ooma?


DC5280 wrote:
I've had a breakthrough getting my Toshiba RS-TX60 DMS (running Tivo Series 2) to connect and download via my Ooma Hub.

Thanks to the input from previous users I finally made the connection work. Here are some system details.

RS-TX60 has Tivo Series 2 on-board. The unit is located with the TV in an area without phone or LAN connection so I have the added complexity of sending the phone signal wireless to the unit via an RCA wireless modem jack model: RC 930. I've used this setup with my Qwest land line for years without an any issues. The RC930 receiver is plugged into a power strip behind the RS-TX60 and connect with with a phone line.

Here's how I have the system configured and what is finally working for me:
Ooma Hub - phone line out is connected to the RC930 RJ port (RC930 is plugged into a power strip below desk.)
House phone (Uniden wirless 5.8GHz) is connected to other RJ port on RC930.
RC930 is paired to reciever located as mentioned behind the Toshiba (Tivo) unit.
I tested the connection with a standalone analog phone and had dial tone. There is some background noise for sure but it does not seem to interfere with the system communication, must be at different frequency.

Here is what I programed into the phone settings on the Tivo interface:
Phone number = local Tivo call in number for your area
Dial Prefix = [pause][pause]*99[pause] where pause in my case is a comma.
Call Waiting Prefix = None
Tone/Pulse Dialing = Tone
Availablity Detection = On
Dial Tone Detection = Off

Having tried many different configurations this is the one that works for me and I'd like to thank all those that came before and helped me solve this in a relatively short period of time. Being able to use the wireless modem is a real cost saving as I would otherwise need to invest in a wireless network connection or Powerline network connection and I'd prefer not to do that just to get scheduling info.

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