NO incoming calls

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Re: NO incoming calls

Post by amoney » Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:28 pm

yaz wrote:I am a new subscriber to Ooma telo.

I have a similar case like tecbox77. i.e., that is after installing Telo and opted to "integrate my current landline with Ooma system" but decided not to port current phone number and did not request a new ooma phone yet.
My configuration is modem -> Linksys router -> Ooma. I have connected my current DETEC Panasonic base station to Ooma phone outlet and landline to wall outlet.

Every thing is working fine including good call quality, except, on day #1, approx 3/6 times when I call into my landline from my cell phone it shows to be ringing from calling side but no response on the phones connedted to Ooma. On other 3/6 times it does recieve incomming calls correctly with good voice quality. On day # 2 (Today), all incomming calls from my cell phone is going in to Ooma VM even without first ringing the phone connected to Ooma.

Ooma telo is set to work on 4 rings by default and I made sure my panasonic phone is set to 6 rings. On my ooma (Web site), I can see all the incomming/outgoing call logs, with may showing as missed. I planned to call Ooma support and I am sure, they will be helpful, just that they close at 5pm on this sunday evening and I wanted to see if someone had similar
experience with landline integrated into ooma without new ooma number yet?

Sounds a little similar to this post...


By chance do you have any other phones/fax in the house plugged into a landline jack?
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Re: NO incoming calls

Post by yaz » Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:51 am

Amoney, thanks for the link, it appears landline integration may be the issue. I plan to get a new ooma # and will get rid of landline

I do not have any other phones/fax in the house plugged into a landline jack?

By the way, the issue in day #2 that I posted in my original post was an error on my part, where I stated that all incomming calls were going into voicemail without phone ringing, was actually me inadvertantly turned on NO DISTURB feature on ooma telo. This occurs if you press the VM logo for 2 seconds. It turns it to orange/red looking color

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Re: NO incoming calls

Post by yaz » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:36 pm

Looks like this post has been idle. I just wanted to post my experience and sign off from this post.

The issue day #1 part of my original post where one-half of the incomming calls were not going through resolved after I requested the new Ooma number (New subscriber) and landline integration was removed by default. All Ooma features are working great with no dropped calls .

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Re: NO incoming calls

Post by southsound » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:49 pm

Great news, yaz! Welcome to ooma and to the forum.
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