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#38778 by Harpist
Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:41 pm
Howdy folks,

I'm having some problems with installation and am hoping for some help. Here is my situation:

1. I originally tried out Ooma just using the hub and connecting a phone to the "Phone" port. (Specifically, I have a cable modem connected to a router connected to the Ooma hub. I then connected the phone to the "Phone" port). This slightly different from the Installation Guide in that the Omma hub is the last in the daisy chain. I tried going from the cable modem to the Ooma hub and then to the router, but had problems with internet access (I'm not certain if I had an IP conflict or what as I did not investigate too deeply. It seemed odd to put the Ooma hub right after the modem as all my other devices are connected to the router which I can manage remotely).

2. Everything worked great (good sound quality with little time delay), so I arranged to port my land line phone # over to Ooma.

3. I was informed by Ooma via email that the land line # had been ported.

4. I waited until the dial tone stopped on the land line.

5. I then tried to connect the hub to my internal wiring. First, I tried going from the "Wall" jack to the RJ-11 jack for the internal house wiring (but I didn't get a dial tone to other phones connected to other RJ-11 jacks throughout the house).

6. I then tried going from the "Phone" jack to the RJ-11. I then get a dial tone and can dial out, but incoming calls don't cause the phones connected to the internal wiring to ring. In addition, after an incoming call, the dial tone on all the phones go to a constant beeping instead of a dial tone.

I have read the other posts regarding this question of using internal house wiring and it seems like it should work. Any assistance would be welcome!

Good Roads

#38780 by southsound
Sat Dec 26, 2009 4:50 pm
The phone jack on the ooma is the correct one to use to distribute dialtone. Possibly the one thing you forgot to do is to disconnect your home's wiring from the telco at the demarc or network interface box. It is a little (probably gray) box on the outside of the house where the phone wires come in. A portion of the box is available for customer access. Inside, there will either be a little wire with a plug on the end that is plugged into a jack in the box or a hinged version of the same thing. Unplug this cable from the jack and your internal wiring will be free from the telco wiring. Most likely there is still voltage on that line that is interferring wiht the ooma box.

Let us know how it works out and welcome to ooma and to the forums!

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