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#37540 by cruzitude
Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:05 pm
Just got the Ooma Hub but have not yet connected it yet since I have questions whose answers are not readily apparent in the manual or this forum (my appologies if I've missed it). My situation is:

- I have Verizon DSL that is shared with the landline (only one landline).
- My DSL modem is connected to a Linksys router, with my PC connected to the router.
- My cordless phone is the only device other than my modem connected to the phone line.
- I want to keep my current phone number by porting it to the Hub, but I do not want to keep my landline active.

From what I’ve read I will need a “dry-loop” from Verizon, but it is not clear to me what the sequence of events is to make this all happen. I think the steps are:

1- Register my Hub with Ooma.

2- Fill out the form to authorize Ooma to transfer my number from Verizon.

3- A few weeks later, Ooma notifies me that my number has been ported. At this time, Verizon converts my DSL line to “dry-loop” and I can cancel my landline account (my billing is separate).

4- Only after #3, I connect the Hub between my DSL modem and router.

5- Everything will work as planned (hah!)

I guess my confusion is the order of #3 and #4 … do I have to wait for my DSL line to be changed to “dry-loop” before connecting the Hub? Or, can I connect the Hub now and continue using my landline?

If I can connect the Hub now, how would I connect my phone? Directly to the Hub? Or do I connect the phone to a different phone socket than the one my router is connected to?

Also, page 32 of the manual shows my situation exactly, but it shows the Hub looped back to the phone line from the “Wall” port on the Hub to a splitter that is shared with my modem. This appears to be the setup for those who want to continue using the landline, I suppose as a backup to the Ooma system and perhaps if you also want to install a Scout. But for me, I do not want to keep my landline – I want only the Ooma service. Would I use this only temporarily until such time my DSL line is converted to “dry-loop”, or would this not even work until my DSL is converted to dry-loop?

Thanks for any advice!
#37544 by murphy
Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:15 pm
Do NOT integrate your current land line with the hub.
Register the hub and request a temporary phone number.
You will be able to use the hub with the temporary phone number until the port is complete.
When the port is complete your ported number will replace the temporary number.
Connect a separate phone to the phone port of the hub and leave the wall port empty.
Leave your current phone system in place with it's current phone.
You will receive incoming calls on your current phone system.
You can make free outgoing calls on the phone connected to the hub.
Once the port is complete and your DSL is dry looped, you can worry about feeding the phone port of the hub into your walls to activate all of your phone jacks.
Does it make sense or do I need to explain in more detail?
#37564 by cruzitude
Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:31 pm
Excellent, thanks for the reply! What you said does make sense, I'll decide later if I want all the phone jacks in the house connected to Ooma, probably not since I have a 4-phone DECT 6.0 cordless. I was going to register my Hub on-line, so I assume that is when I request the temporary number from Ooma?

The only thing I'm still a little fuzzy on is how to get my DSL converted to dry-loop ... some say that Verizon will do it automatically when the number is ported, but some say that you have to initiate that process with Verizon (either before or after the number is ported). This is more a question that I need to direct at Verizon, but if anyone happens to know then I'm all ears :D
#37587 by murphy
Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:48 am
I can't help with the DSL question. I've always lived too far away to get DSL so I've been on cable.
#37636 by cruzitude
Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:48 am
murphy wrote:I can't help with the DSL question. I've always lived too far away to get DSL so I've been on cable.

Consider yourself lucky, I hate DSL ... my cell phone's 3G is faster than my home internet! Luckily in a few short months I'll be moving across town where I'll have cable internet (so I get to re-do all this installation stuff :o )

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