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#36421 by ScottinSF
Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:24 pm
Since I setup the Telo a few days ago I noticed that, at times, there is a delay before a web page loads and a few times a page wouldn’t load or timed out. I am wondering if the delay is related to the change in DNS servers. Before the Telo I had two Comcast DNS Servers. Now I have one Ooma DNS server. Can I change the DNS servers back to the two Comcast servers without affecting the Telo? If yes, do I just change them in my router or do I have to make a change on the Telo setup page as well?
#36692 by ScottinSF
Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:53 pm
joaniepie942 wrote:Scott I am having trouble with getting Ooma connected and they suggested I change my DNS server to Ooma. That did not seem to work. Can you walk me through how to do this?

When I set up the Telo it automatically changed the DNS Servers to the Ooma DNS Server. BTW, this is with the Telo between my modem and router. You first might want to try resetting your Ooma device to see if it automatically does this. From what I have read on the forums the way to reset the Telo is to: Unplug unit from power for 30 seconds, then connect power to Telo and when the red Ooma logo starts flashing press STOP (square) and TRASH at the same time (the logo should flash blue/red), next hold the keys until the Ooma logo turns solid red and the box should then factory reset and reboot.

If you want to try to change the DNS Server manually you need to find where your router lists the DNS Servers. I have an Airport Extreme Base Station, which has an Internet Connection tab. On this tab there is a place for the DNS Servers. The first box has the Ooma DNS Server, which is The second box is blank as Ooma only has one DNS Server.

I hope this helps.

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