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#36180 by jsps999
Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:02 pm
I'm new to Ooma and attempted to use the Hub this way, with this configuration:

CenturyLink (my local telco) DSL service: 10k down, 0.850 up
DSL modem: Embarq 660 ( Model EQ-660R ADSL Router )

Ooma Hub (Straight out of the box - have NOT changed any internal Hub config settings)

Linksys BEFSR81 eight-port router (Telco CSR remotely originally configed DSL modem to also be a 'one-port router' and configed the Linksys router to be only an Ethernet Switch)

Three PCs with XP Pro SP-3 networked into the router's ports.

When I originally physically connected everything as above, this is what happened:

The DSL modem's Ethernet light was Yellow(bad) instead of Green(good) after I inserted the Hub between modem & router.
However - Ooma Hub seemed to be working 'OK'; outgoing test calls seemed OK, incoming test calls seemed OK, and Voicemail seemed OK.
BUT - I could not access the Internet with the Web browser.

Next, I tried using a Crossover cable between modem & Hub, then afterward relocated Crossover cable between Hub and router.
The Hub still seemed to function OK with phone calls with either Crossover cable locations, BUT still no Web access to the PCs, AND the DSL modem's Ethernet lamp remained Yellow(bad) instead of Green(good).

Next, I reinstalled the normal 'straight' Ethernet cable between modem & Hub, and then plugged one of the PC's Ethernet cable direct into the HUB's Home port.

The DSL modem's Ethernet lamp was still Yellow(bad) instead of Green(good), Hub still functioned 'OK', BUT - still no Web access to the direct-connected PC to HUB.

Weird, eh :?:

So, by this time I reasoned that if some Ooma configs allowed the Hub to be connected to a 'one-box' combo modem-router, then a separate modem connected to the router WAN port is essentially the same thing as the one-box combo config.

I then relocated the HUB to one of the router's 8 ports:
1) Hub still seemed to function OK with phone calls and Voicemail.
2) All 3 router-connected networked PCs regained Web access OK.

I would prefer to use the 'proper' modem-Hub-router hookup, if possible.
Or, should I even bother to do that since everything seems to now function OK with Hub working on other side of router?

Ideas? Comments? Thank you for reading this.
#36183 by southsound
Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:52 pm
The hub will operate fine either before or after the router or switch. The advantage of having the hub between the modem and the router is that the hub can control QoS. But if you have a fairly high speed connection and are not saturating it with a lot of other activity, it will work fine in either position with no modification. If you like, you can set the QoS in your router to give priority to the hub if the hub is after the router. Again, both configurations work well depending on your individual needs. If your present configuration works well, keep it. And welcome to ooma and to the forums! :cool:
#36189 by murphy
Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:44 am
Before you got ooma was your DSL pppoe user ID and password entered into your DSL modem or into the router?
If it was in the router, and you put the ooma ahead of the router, you have to configure the ooma for pppoe and put your user ID and password in there. The router must then be configured for DHCP instead of pppoe.
#36276 by jsps999
Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:28 pm
When I upgraded to the then-new " extra-high speed" DSL, about 3 years ago, the telco FedEX-ed to me the new special high speed modem, then I had to contact the telco Tech Service for them to remotely set everything up.
1) Linksys router was configed to be only a switch, it originally was PPPoE (with username & password) but when it was reconfiged to be "Obtain IP address automatically" (I assume THIS is actually DHCP?), both the username & password boxes disappeared from the router's menu.
2) The telco techs stated, "The router/switch was no longer needed for logon purposes into the System"
3) Telco techs also stated something as, "The configed new DSL modem will show as 'always logged-in' ".

I assume there is an IP address to access the Ooma Hub?
If so, what is it, and is a username and password also needed for Hub access?


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