System goes down while activating.

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System goes down while activating.

Post by tigercruise » Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:24 am

This may not be a problem because my Telo and number seem to be working fine except for voicemail when the system is off.

When I first started setup and picked a phone number as I was on the next step, my system recycled (Thanks Microsoft) and thus never completed the setup process. When I restarted the system and went back in to "resume" setup, I thought it would take me back to where I left off. Instead, it started over again. The number I picked the first time was not available (I assume since I had selected it off the available numbers the first time, but it was not activated) so I just picked another number. From that point on everything went fine and everything is working.

So, what happened to the first number I selected in the aborted setup?

And finally, support wants me to "reset" the Telo by doing this to try and get my voicemail working properly:

1. Unplug unit from power for 30 seconds

2. After 30 seconds connect power to Telo

3. When the red ooma logo starts flashing press STOP and TRASH at the same time (the logo should flash blue/red)

4. hold the keys until the ooma logo turns solid red

5. the box should then factory reset and reboot

Here's my question: When the Telo factory resets and reboots will it somehow pick up the first number that I tried setting it up with? (I sure hope not) or will it keep the phone number I selected in setup that worked successfully the second time?


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Re: System goes down while activating.

Post by WayneDsr » Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:52 am

You are only clearing the Telo's memory not your account. No reason why your number should change over.


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