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#35436 by Gav123
Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:08 pm
Greetings. Stuff arrived today and I ended up with a somewhat unorthodox setup that seems to work out ok for me. Nevertheless, any comments on it are appreciated, especially any potential caveats.

Service: Comcast 12 Mbps via a Motorola SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Thinking of upgrading to 20 Mbps
Hardware: Hub with 1 scout.
AirPort Extreme Dual Band (Router 1)
Older Airport (router 2) bridged to router 1 above. Wireless off, until I get a different hub.

Connections to Main router: 1. Modem direct. 2. Ooma. 3. PC "X" . 3 CAT5 bridge to router #2
Connections to Bridged router: 1. PC "Y". 2. PC "z" . 3. Sonos wireless music system
Anywhere from 2 - 4 wireless devices (yeah, have a bunch of teens)

As you see, the Ooma is out of the link, just connected behind the AirPort Extreme (which has no QoS) with nothing attached to the "Home" jack. I was worried about poor quality calls since this setup also bypasses the built in Ooma Qos function also, and all connections merge unthrottled to the modem. Also, I'm unable to fiddle with the //setup

I had the kids start heavy d/l torrents or usenet and game playing expecting the worst. To my surprise I experienced no discernible loss in call quality. Granted this experiment was done between 8 - 11PM.

So far I haven't ported my landline #- want to give this set up a few weeks to tweak, but based on my initial experience I anticipate to go all the way w/ Ooma.

Any suggestions, comments? Thanks
#35439 by WayneDsr
Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:21 pm
What ever works for you, I say! Ooma can be configured do work in a few different ways. My ooma hub is connect as yours is, into the router. I do have QOS control in the router, but I have 6 meg down and 650 up and a few pc's on the network.

If you feel the need to be able to connect to ooma's setup page, connect a laptop or pc to the home port. Restart your pc so ooma can assign an ip to the connected computer.
In the setup page under ADVANCED put ooma's IP address in the DMZ field ( Click on update.
Now you can disconnect from the HOME port and access the setup page using the IP address your router assigned to ooma.
This ip would show on the STATUS page of setup.
So you would use (what ever your ip scheme is) to access the setup page from your network.

Welcome to the ooma forums! There are quite a few great users here if you need help and join in to help someone else when you can.

#35455 by Magus
Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:38 pm
As Wayne suggested, once you connect your PC directly to the Home port behind Ooma, enter in your web browser (same as the local IP address Ooma gives your PC) to see the setup page. Welcome to the world of Ooma.

My setup is Combined DSL modem/wireless router>Telo>Time Capsule airport router>Airport expresses. My wireless devices feed off Airport expresses or the time capsule airport. Computers do not interfere with Ooma's QOS (which sits happily at 0), but I have the option to hook up computers to the pre-Telo wireless router if ever there is a local network fault post the airport router. Excellent packet quality all round.

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