1 and 2 stay solid blue

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Re: 1 and 2 stay solid blue

Post by madurodave » Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:50 pm

jhu wrote:Hi Murphy, Thanks a lot for your suggestion ! I connected a computer to the home network on the ooma telo, but there was no internet connection. I tried to connect the computer to the router, the internet connection works fine. So it seems that network inside the ooma telo got problem. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated !

Currently, the connection is:

Cable Modem (comcast internet) -> router -> internet on Ooma telo
-> computer (Home network on ooma telo)

Suggested connection per the manual is modem->Ooma->router->computer. Try that. You may be getting conflicts with the router, especially if you have security enabled! Going right after the modem and before the router avoids these conflicts.

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Re: 1 and 2 stay solid blue

Post by marric50 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:53 pm

You need to call customer support, mine did the same thing about three weeks ago and no amount of resetting would help
1 and 2 would be the only lights on . OOma was good about sending a new Telo with paid return shipping included.I'm guessing
some of the units are having quality control issues, mine was only about two and a half months old and went out after a power
outage even though it's plugged into a battery backup surge suppressor.

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Re: 1 and 2 stay solid blue

Post by jimmylavino » Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:30 pm

How about this one.... a few weeks back I had the same "1,2" solid blue lights issue. After an hour on the phone with support, they finally agreed to send me a replacement unit. All was well with the replacement unit, but then a week later I starting having a similar problem. The telco unit has solid "1,2" lights, then solid "trash can, voicemail" lights, then goes back to the solid "1,2". No about of rebooting and system configuration does anything. Any ideas besides contacting support AGAIN?

So far I am very disappointed in Ooma and wish I had never changed from Vonage. :(

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