AT&T Uverse and Ooma setup optimization

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AT&T Uverse and Ooma setup optimization

Post by fastlane01 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:56 am

Hello all,

After living with the Telo for a week and dropping the Hub, I have to say I am pleased overall - being able to use 2 lines at once is awesome.

So, now I am looking to optimize the setup I have.

I have AT&T Uverse with a fiber connection to the house - 18MBPs downlink and 1.5MBPs uplink - Ooma QoS is set to 1300 because of that known QoS issue - and the speed is great.

My problem comes to the Uverse DVR unit and remote unit - I want to be able to share music and videos with the units, which is possible as long as the servers and TV units are on the same network. I currently have Ooma plugged into one port of the Residential Gateway and the rest of the network behind the Ooma. The TV units use HPNA from the RG and so are technically on another subnet, so they can't see the HomeServer I have behind the Ooma.

If I put the switches for the network on the RG directly and the Ooma in another port, the phone calls get jittering when there is a lot of traffic on the network, so moving the Ooma was the only way that seemed to address the issue, but I would really like the abiility back to share video, music, etc.

Does anyone know if you can set QoS on the AT&T RG? or does anyone have similar setup and has it working well?

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