Scout not working but HUB working using DSL

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Re: Scout not working but HUB working using DSL

Post by 07pilot4me » Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:46 pm

can u elaborate on step #4 please
tommies wrote:
07pilot4me wrote: so to recap: *using landline for dish/security/911 *using ooma for outgoing LD calls *Scout not working so will have to relocate Hub/modem/router to living room :(

1) L1 L2 L1+L2 splitter idea did not work
2) sold on print server idea and relocating Hub/Modem/router
3) was going for the splitting DSL/Phone signal at source and now ???????

IF this thing didn't have so many good reviews it would already be in the Costco return pile.
Let me guess if I understand you correctly. You are about to
  • give up the scout
  • relocate the setup(hub/modem/router)
  • want to feed the hub dial tone to the house wirring
This is real simple It takes about 15-20min(30max) to get it done.
  1. a L1+L2 splitter plugged into a wall jack
  2. connect ooma PHONE port to L2
  3. a DSL flter/splitter (that come with your DSL package) plugged into L1(where DSL signal is)
    • a. connect your DSL modem to the port label DSL/HPNA (you had done this before)
    • b. connect ooma WALL port to the port label PHONE
  4. go to your DEMAC/telco box outside your house (where the phone line comes into the house) and connecting all the wires by their color, i.e. connecting all the wires with the same color together. Do not disconnect the pair that connected on the post, This is your L1 with DSL signal.
Now L1 is your land line, and L2 is OOma line. Don't forget to place a DSL filter if you connect a phone to L1.

If you change your mind, and want to use the scout and forgo the hub dial tone. in step 2) leave the ooma PHONE port empty(ie connect it directly to a phone set) . Plug a duplex splitter to ooma WALL port and connect it to the L2. Now your scout will work when plug in to L2 at another jack in the house.

This wiring explains that if your want it all, you need a 3rd pair of wires.

The following link have some picture
This topic had been discussed and solution/work around was found, Please read this thread for more details. [fixed]Poor DSL Internet Performance

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Re: Scout not working but HUB working using DSL

Post by tommies » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:39 pm

If you can post a pic of your DEMARC box, it would be easy for me or anyone to help. You can do it tomorow.

If the wiring is older the pairs are solid red/green and yellow/black, In newer wiring, you see a CAT3 or CAT5 cable. CAT3 has 3 pairs, CAT5 has 4 pairs.

L1 is red/green pair or blue/blue-white pair: this pair(s) should already connected to the posts. This could be just one pair(daisy chain) or many pairs(star module: each pair is running directly to one wall jack)

L2 is yellow/black or orange/orange-white: this pair is probably not connect, or connected to another set of posts(called module)

Most likely, in the old wiring (red/green and yellow/black) is daisy chain: this way all the jacks has been connected. You might only see 4 wires in total. This case, you don't need to do anything.

If you see more than one pair per color, it's probably using star module. Just connect all the orange wires together, and all orange-white together. This will connect all the L2 for all the inside jacks. If you see them connected to another set of post, just unplug the lillte jack immediately to the left of it.

Most of DEMARC box has two modules. Each module has a test jack and very short plug, so short it can only plug into the jack to the left, and cannot plug into the jack of the above or below module. The short plug is wired to the posts to the right, so you can connect your house wiring.

some references

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