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#32720 by southsound
Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:49 pm
alanf777 wrote: AND put my ooma box away again.

Remember to number the box an add it to your log so you can find it next time. Of course, with my memory, I'd forget where the log was. :P

Saw a cute version of the Serenity Prayer for Seniors the other day:

Grant me the senility to forget those I never liked anyways,
The ability to remember those I do,
And the clarity to know the difference.

PS - between my wife and I we have lost 3 parents to various forms of dimentia, so no disrespect intended.
#32727 by alanf777
Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:55 pm
... yeah .. it's filed in my forgetary ....

Anyway, a few minutes later it let me log in with my new number.
Didn't forward straight away ... but NOW I'm really really leaving .... but I can try it remotely.

Thanks for all your help .... looks like it's going to work exactly as I'd hoped.

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