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#29932 by rwehavingfunyet
Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:53 pm
My telo logo has been flashing red for over 12 hours now. What is my next step?

Other info.
I have two static IP addresses from my ISP for two wireless routers/two different networks connected via switch
I plugged my telo directly into my modem initially and got flashing blue logo for several hours
I then plugged my telo into one of the routers and got flashing red then a solid blue logo after about a half hour
I then re-plugged my telo directly into the modem and got a flashing red logo for over 12 hours

What next?
#29935 by WayneDsr
Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:09 pm
In my opinion you should connect the Telo into the router like you had it when the Telo turned blue. If you have any type of Quality of Service control in the router you can adjust that if you have any quality issues.

Connecting it between the modem and router would work as well, but I think you would need to power cycle your modem (if cable) so your modem "forgets" the mac address of the router you had connected to it. Turning it back on will allow the modem to pick up the mac address of the Telo.

Do it any way you want, I prefer the first way, behind the router.

#30098 by WayneDsr
Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:45 am
rwehavingfunyet wrote:Thank you. I subsequently tried that and it has now been flashing red for 20 hours. Is there some kind of reset I can do?

I'm going to assume you're connected into the router, like you would a pc.
If you haven't power cycled everything, modem, router and ooma, do so.
You should have the Telo connected to the router via the TO INTERNET connection on the Telo. Nothing should be connected to the HOME/NETWORK port.

Connect a pc or laptop to the HOME/NETWORK port. Reboot the pc/laptop to obtain an ip from the Telo.
See if you can access the Telo's setup menu by typing
The HOME screen should let you know what is or isn't happening.

In the STATUS screen it should say: MODEM: CONNECTED (ip address) If there is not an ip address here, your router is not assigning the Telo and ip.

In the NETWORK menu under MODEM MAC ADDRESS: Choose USE BUILT IN then click UPDATE.

If you can post what the HOME and STATUS screen looks like that would be helpful.


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