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#29606 by Dewey 68
Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:29 am
New Ooma user here. Set up the hub last Saturday.

My current setup is separate run from the outside box for DSL, and the rest of the house wiring running from Ooma phone port, with a splitter running off my DSL line going back into the Hub to provide my landline integration. Soon I will go to a dry-loop DSL setup, and drop the landline.

When I first setup Ooma throughout the house, I didn't have the landline integrated. On 2 of my phones, a voicemail would be indicated on the phones if I had one waiting. My main phone is a Uniden dual handset phone/answering machine setup, that did not give an indicator that I had a VM waiting. If I hookup my Scout in place of this phone, and then the phone/answering machine, the Scout will not connect. Is this due to the fact that my phones are all running off the phone jack of the Ooma hub? The only reason I would even use the scout is for the voicemail indicator, I don't need a second line at this time.

Is there a way to have the Ooma running to all my jacks in this way, and still be able to use the Scout on one jack, just for the voice mail indicator? Will this require using the second pair to the jack with the scout? I'm trying to make this as transparent to the wife as possible. I love the tech-side of this, she hates change. :x
#29615 by hpepper
Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:14 am
If you have a second pair easily accessible, I would use that for the Scout to Hub hookup. If you are able to connect it this way, you will have no problems with the Scout. This is how I currently have my Scout connected in the kitchen and I am only using the Scout for VM access.
#29624 by foxkid
Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:05 pm
I have my house wired for 2-lines on two pairs, delivered to every jack. Let's see if I can describe how I have OOMA wired...

I had two landlines. Now I have no landlines. Network is through cable.

Hub "line" port is connected to pair 1.
Hub "phone" port is connected to pair 2.
Scout "line" port is connected to pair 1.
Scout "phone" port is connected to pair 1.

Pair 1 is the internal OOMA network pair used by Hub to communicate with Scout, and also the pair Scout uses to deliver talk battery to phones.
Pair 1 is used by Hub to deliver talk battery to phones.

With this arrangement, my 2-line phones operate easily, both wired and wireless.

There is one fluke: When an incoming call arrives, both lines ring on all phones. This makes the phones think there is an unanswered call, since whichever line is answered terminates the ring on the other.

I transitioned to this with these steps:

1) short out my landline 2 so that calls won't busy-over from landline 1.
2) install the Hub as above.
3) observe good call quality -- decide to keep OOMA.
4) tell Telco to disconnect landline 2.
5) start number porting -- wait not too long. After porting...
6) disconnect Telco landline 1.
7) connect Scout as above.
8) observe correct behavior with 2-line system.

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