Want Premier, but ooma doesn't want me?

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Want Premier, but ooma doesn't want me?

Post by georget99 » Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:32 am

Last weekend I tried subscribing to premier. I had not had a credit card on file before.

1. Entered CC info, clicked submit, and the same page came back with no messages or errors indicated.
2. Submitted again, this time it said your session has timed out, please log in.
3. Logged in again, reentered everything again, submitted and got the following message, "There has been an error processing your error. Please contact support."

First of all, this isn't a typo on my part, it really says there was an error processing my error.

The net day I noticed a charge and a credit from ooma for $10.00 (why not $9.99?) on my account.

I waited a couple days and tried again, same thing. No response from support.

Called support. They were able to reproduce the error, and put in a ticket.

Today, I tried again. Still that erroneous error.

I thought when I dropped Verizon, I was moving away from this stuff, not towards it.

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