Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know.
#1496 by plasmo
Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:48 pm
Hi, I am trying to install and after following the instructions word-by-word, all I get is a blinking Red light on the Hub.

I am a Comcast Digital Voice (cable modem) customer, and selected the Port my # using my same phone number option (I have yet to call Customer Service to do the port because they are closed at this time).

My setup is:
Computer --> D-Link Router --> ooma Hub (with wireless phone base hooked up) --> Comcast Cablemodem

Do I need to use the Provided white Long Phone cable, or use my own?

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. THanks

I got it working with the blue ooma light now, but I had to use a Splitter from my wall phone jack to have one long phone cable from the wall to the Comcast Modem, and another long phone cable from the wall to the ooma hub.

Anyone know if I will always need the phone cable from the wall to the Comcast Modem, once my phone # is ported over? THANKS
#1497 by lszyjka
Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:20 pm
Did you first active your hub on

I installed my new ooma this friday without any issues with same setup as you did. I did however chose not to port my vonage phone number, and chose to go with local phone number provided by ooma that way the setup process is instant. My understandin with porting of the number that you will have the blue light blinking untill the porting is completed. Meaning you will not be able to receive calls via ooma untill the porting is done but you shoudl be able to call out almost immidiately (10 - 15 min after the completion of the setup). Since you have blinking red light that would mean, the hub is not registering with ooma servers.

Did you try shutting off everything for few minutes, like the cable modem, router ( i realize that's after the ooma hub) and then starting cable modem, and then ooma box.
#1499 by plasmo
Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:34 pm
thanks for the reply...

hmm my ooma hub has a solid blue light....

YES- I did register first.

i haven't called Ooma yet to port my # (because It is after hours), but I DID indicate during the setup process that I plan on porting my Original Phone #.

SHOULD I be seeing a Flashing blue light?
#1506 by lszyjka
Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:41 pm
I think you are fine. Once you call CS to port your number, they will probably assing up a temporary number for the duration of the porting and during that provisioning period, it's possible that you will see the blue light blinking. I thought i read something about that in the manual but i am not positive. I guess, let's hope you will get right though to customer service.

I have an open issue i am waiting to hear from them as well.
#1509 by plasmo
Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:03 pm
Thanks.. i'll let you now.

Yes, i am wondering how long I will be waiting on hold for CS tomorrow (SUNDAY)..... i have read the horror stories on this forum already about this and not looking forward to it.... :o

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