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#1466 by chris650
Thu Dec 25, 2008 10:28 pm
my hub is set up as shared device (told it only be set as shared) with a number with 650 area code. my scout is set up as personal use with a number with 415 area code.

i have no problme dialing local 7 digit number within 650 from the hub. however, if i just dial a 7 digit number withint 415 from my scout, it actually dials 650 + that 7 digit number i meant for 415. In order to dial a number in 415 area code from my scout (which is assigned a 415 number), i have to dial full 10 digit. That's ridiculous.

Further more, when i dial a number in 650, even from scout, i only need to dial 7 digits to reach that number.... in fact the scout (even though has a number 415 area code) behaves like it is in 650 area code!!!!

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