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#26880 by dkline
Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:25 pm
Just got my Hub/Scout today and set it up. Tried using my cordless phone connected to Hub via splitter and sound quality was good on my end but the person I was calling said it was very staticy. I tried putting the cordless on the Scout and got similar results (more staticy is what I was told). I had read through the forums and seen that I wanted to press OK to the router behind a router message from the admin screen of my Uverse 2wire 3800, but I never got the prompt. I did some googling and found the 2wire mdc console and ensured that the prompt is turned on for the router behind a router detection. I cleared the device list for the 2wire and plugged back the hub but still no go after several attempts. Voice quality sounds ok on my end, but my friend says it is staticy, any suggestions?

I should add my setup is no landline, house phone wiring disconnected at the telco box so house wiring is isolated. I haven't tried plugging the base station for the cordless phone directly into the hub yet, I guess that is next.
#26915 by dkline
Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:14 am
Well, I still don't get the router behind a router message, but I just don't know about the static, I need to do some testing myself. I tried a few things including disconnecting the home wiring from the hub and plugging the cordless base station right into the hub so that the connection is 2wire -> hub -> cordless phone and she still reports static. I switched to an old phone handset directly plugged into the hub and she still reports some static. I called from my uverse line and she said she still thought there was static ! I called from my cell and she thought it was quieter. We repeated the experiment with her receiving the call on her cell instead of her home phone (to see if her home phone was the staticy part) but she thought the cell to cell was quiet and the voip to cell was a bit staticy. I think I need a new friend.

Anyway, I am guessing at this point that this is not a ooma thing but a voip thing or a friend thing. Until I get someone here calling from the ooma to me on another phone,I won't know more.

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