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#26555 by davek
Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:12 pm
Got the Hub/Scout thang, and love it, so I thought I would upgrade to the Telo. Unfortunately, I hooked it in and NADA.

So here is what I had. First, I have DSL, so that made hook up a bit of a chore. But I got it. Took the line in with DSL into my DSL Modem. Then Modem into Hub. Then I took the PHONE OUT of hub for the house. I need to do it this way because my DSL comes in in the basement, and I want my phone in the Kitchen (where there is NO Cat5 drop). So this works great with Hub, and a scout in the Kitchen. I even eliminated the dreaded Scout Static.

So I figgered it would be easy to get the Telo working in this, since it was already going. But no go- I get NOTHING. I replaced the Hub with the Telo. Thje only difference is I pulled the scout and plugged the phone directly into the wall.

No dial tone. No nothing. Telo does NOT have a blue glowing logo. Not even a RED one. Nothing.

I will also say this about the Telo. NOT IMPRESSED. The power jack is VERY insecure, and it keeps coming unplugged. When I plug in a Network or phone cable, I can feel the main boards shift inside the Telo- feels very flimsy. So I may just stay with the Hub/Scout. It works, works well, why screw with a good thang?
#26560 by WayneDsr
Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:31 pm
When you replaced the hub with the Telo, did you reboot your modem? Your modem must be rebooted first, make sure it connects, then turn on the Telo. Make sure the modem connects to the Telo via the TO INTERNET port on the Telo.
You didn't say if you are running a router and have it connected to the HOME/NETWORK port.

Is your modem setup with your username and password? Or did you have to old ooma hub set for ppoe?

Are you getting lights on the network connection on the back of the Telo? Do you have the light switch on the Telo switched on?

#26561 by davek
Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:40 pm
Hi Wayne!

Thanks for the quick reply. I found this in another post just a bit ago:

1. Reverted my network back to the way it was before I got the Telo, with the Ooma Hub in between my cable modem and my router.
2. Plugged the "To Internet" port of the Telo into my router's built-in switch (i.e. on the LAN side of the router) and powered up the Telo. The Telo got an IP address from my router, booted up, downloaded its firmware updates, rebooted, and I ended up with blue lights across the board (apart from the pulsating orange "Play" icon showing that there was the usual "Welcome to Ooma" activation voicemail waiting for me.
3. Powered down my cable modem, the Telo and the Hub. Removed the Hub and replaced it with the Telo (between my modem and router), powered up the modem, and then powered up the Telo. The Telo booted up and established its connections with no problem, and I got blue lights across the board.

Replace Cabel Modem with DSL Modem, and that is what I did.

This seems to have solved the problem here.

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