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#50323 by 2spirit
Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:27 am
RodneyKoch wrote:I have the same problem. At the highest volume level, the volume on the Telo is too soft. I experience the same thing with the new handset. This is in comparison with the voice mail and handset on my old "wired" phone. My wife hates this and wants me to go back to the old wired phone. :cry:

I agree that the volume on the Telo base is too low . . . just passable at the highest setting. However I have no problem listening to voicemail on the Telo handset. If your handset speaker volume is too low, it can be adjusted in the menu under Sound Settings. (If you haven't tried that already!) Just kick it up a notch to see if that helps. At the medium setting I can hear mine across the room easily, so I rarely try to listen to voicemail on the Telo base anyway.

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