Porting distinctive ring number

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Re: Porting distinctive ring number

Post by jmassimilla » Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:57 pm

I was told at the time by Voicewing (and Verizon) that the number could not be ported in its current state because it was not a line but rather a feature that was associated with my main number.
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Re: Porting distinctive ring number

Post by DanD » Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:35 pm

DanD wrote:I am in the process of waiting for a port on my distinctive ring number. I talked to ooma customer support and was told the distinctive ring number I have is listed as "portable" and to go ahead and initiate the port. I was given an Oct. 22nd date for the port and have heard nothing. I was told they have done this kind of port before but I have my doubts if it will work. I have kept the main number with my phone company and continue to pay for the distinctive ring service. If I were to disconnect my main number then the distinctive ring number would go away so I am hanging in with the main number and the distinctive ring number until I hear something from ooma about the port.

It may be necessary to have the distinctive ring number converted to a true line, then port the number, and then disconnect both lines after they are both ported. That should work, expensive, but it should work.


Here is a follow up on my previous post on porting my main number and my distinctive ring number from Verizon (Penna.) to Ooma. I talked to Verizon and they could not answer my question about porting a distinctive ring number but instead they mentioned I may have to install a "real" line for the distinctive ring number, port it, and then cancel it once the port goes through. Not the best method but one that should work. Instead I thought I would first attempted to port the distinctive ring number by filling out an LOA with Ooma for the distinctive ring number. A few weeks after the allotted time expired and I did not receive any communication from Ooma I contacted their porting department and was told that apparently they were in the process of checking on my porting request. I received a email response from Ooma a few days later telling me that Verizon could not port the distinctive ring number without porting the main number (the "real" line the distinctive ring number was connected to) and that I should submit a LOA for BOTH numbers at the same time to Ooma. I faxed both (2) LOA's to Ooma to the attention of that Ooma rep and waited, I also check about how the payment for the extra fee to port the second number (one free with Premier) would be handled.

After reading quite a few posts about porting problems my hopes for retaining my distinctive ring were starting to wane. This was NOT your normal port! On the day my port was to go through (2 days before Christmas) I checked MY OOMA account and saw that both numbers had ported. One assigned to my scout and the other to my hub. Great! Later that same day I received a successful port email from Ooma for the distinctive ring number and the next day I received the successful port email for the main number.

Ooma really did what they said they would do and this was not a normal port by any means. Remember YMMV. It worked for me with my Verizon numbers. Not sure if all carriers will handing a distinctive ring this way or not. A good outcome to my situation and a feather in the cap of the Ooma porting department!

Hope this helps and works for you. In any case be sure if you attempt to port one number first, be sure it is the distinctive ring number since porting just the main number with probably result in you losing your distinctive ring number forever since the distinctive ring number is tied to the main number and most likely will be lost in the porting of the main number alone.

Good Luck!


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Re: Porting distinctive ring number

Post by macem » Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:09 am

I also had a distinctive ring number from Verizon and wanted to port both, the primary number and the distinctive ring number. I put in a port request for the distinctive ring number and that request went through! It did take a little bit of back and forth with the Ooma team as they gathered additional information from me. Verizon rejected once, Ooma gathered more information, we had a second port request process to get it all together, but ultimately, I just got my distinctive ring number ported yesterday. Pretty painless overall, and I commend Ooma porting folks for their proactive phone calls to me with updates on my port.

So, at least from Verizon - it seems as though you can request the port of the distinctive ring number without having to separate out your lines first. I would put in a port request for the distinctive ring only and port the primary afterward - just to be safe; although DanD and I communicated and he ported both at once - so, as he said in the prior post, YMMV.

Now I am off to request the port for my primary number!

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