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#23779 by wjcarpenter
Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:50 pm
I'm having trouble figuring out if this can even be done. Maybe someone who is better a ooma puzzlers will find the answer obvious.

I have a two-line, multi-handset cordless phone. One line from the phone is connected to the ooma hub.
The other line from the phone is connected to the ooma scout (which is on the same shelf, half an inch away from the hub). This mostly works great. We can make and receive two independent calls on the handset Line 1 and Line 2, and it doesn't matter which handset you happen to be near when you answer or make a call. Life is good.

The one thing I have not been able to figure out is how to keep the Scout from ringing when a single call comes in. What happens is that both the hub and the scout ring at pretty much the same time, and our phone things that two separate calls are coming in. It goes a bit crazy trying to get our attention about it. It also takes 2-3 seconds for the scout to figure out that we've answered on the hub, so the scout rings another time or two after we've answered.

What I'd like:

1. Single incoming call ... just the hub rings; scout is silent (though it's OK with me if it blinks lights).
2. While on a call, if another call comes in, scout rings and hub is silent (again, lights OK; call waiting tone would be OK, but I want to be able to answer the call via the scout, my phone's Line 2; earlier I said "hub" here, but I meant scout).
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#24708 by focuspuller
Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:06 am
Can not have scout ring it's own number.

Calls to either the hub number or scout number ring both. VM can not be setup on the scout and defaults to the hub VM message.

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