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#23493 by pjh
Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:43 pm
Ooma says they have ported over my first landline (Line 1) and my telco has comfirmed it.

What I want to do now is have my 2nd landline (Line 2) associated with Ooma (Scout, which is in another location in my house). When I go online to My Ooma>Preferences>Phone Numbers, it shows a shared device with Line 1. If I go to "add personal device" and fill in the information to add the Scout, nothing happens. Changes don't get saved.

When I talked to Ooma about the two lines some time ago, a rep said once the first line was ported over, the 2nd line could then be assigned to Ooma (which will subsequently be ported over as well).

So my question is how to I get Line 2 linked to Ooma? Is is a Web site problem with adding an associated device? Or am I doing something wrong??

Thanks for any help.
#23543 by pjh
Fri Oct 02, 2009 5:22 pm
According to the Ooma rep I spoke with, once the first port was done it would free up Ooma to accept the 2nd line. I'm assuming that was correct . . . when I spoke with Ooma today, they said the same thing and blamed the problem on Web site problems, although everything else on the site seems to be functioning properly.

I'll wait until tomorrow when my telco is supposed to turn off the first line and then see if I can link the 2nd line to Ooma . . . otherwise back on the phone to cs.

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