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#22347 by Quicksprj
Mon Sep 28, 2009 4:58 pm
My MIL just got an ooma hub and scout. She can not get it up and running and I was hoping someone here might be able to help. Customer service was really bad. They actually told her she couldnt use the scout in the kitchen and barely spoke english. These people really need more training before answering calls.

OK here is her setup. She has Verizon DSL with a modem router combonation. It is a Westell modem/router model 6100. She had everything plugged in correctly from what it sounds like but it never turned blue. She said she lost internet connectivity after she plugged in the hub. One of the customer service people said she needed to do something with the firewall but neither her or I know how to allow the hub through the firewall. Any help would really be appreciated.

EDIT: After speaking with my mother in law it looks like she may have given the wrong hub number on the bottom. The B looks a lot like an 8 and she told them 8 when it is probably a B as my hub number has a B in the middle of the number. I am wondering if this is why the internet would not "flow" through the hub. Any ideas. She called OOMA back and cancelled the activation and may try tomorrow. She doesnt want to give up but is extremely frustrated.
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#22365 by Aveamantium
Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:25 pm
So she has the Internet Port connected directly to the modem/router? Check the MAC address real carefully, the B's and 8's look a lot alike. She might have to re-register it.
#22370 by Quicksprj
Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:32 pm
I think you may have nailed it. My MAC address has both an 8 and a B so I can tell the difference but otherwise it would be a crap shoot. I would think OOMA would know whether a given address is correct or if it doesnt sound right. ie all MAC addresses have a letter in the middle (if they do) so if someone tells them 8 they can instruct the caller to check the number carefully.

Thanks AVS!!!
#22564 by Quicksprj
Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:50 pm
OK my mother in law called ooma and activated her hub using the correct MAC address. She hooked everything up correctly and still no ooma. 1 & 2 solid red and play and FF solid red.

Here is the weird thing. I was trying to help her but my knowledge is very limited. I told her to disconnect the splitter so she had DSL/phone line coming straight out of the wall to her modem/router combo. then the only port in the back of her modem is labeled "ethernet". I had her connect a wire from there to the "modem" port on the hub. I then had her connect another wire from hub "home" port to her computer. With the splitter removed she was able to access the internet. when we put the splitter back into play the internet light on her modem would not come on. I had her try another splitter she had in her house and got the same results. When I had her connect without the splitter I had her go to setup.ooma and looked at her addresses and they seemed to be correct (all the same as mine) except for one address. I had her reboot the modem and hub several times trying to get it to work and at one point changed a setting to use built in address instead of automatic. Again Im not that smart when it comes to this stuff so its like the blind leading the blind. Any help would really be appreciated.
#22572 by Quicksprj
Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:05 pm
the MIL just called back she is just sending the unit back. What a disappointment.

If anyone from OOMA is monitoring this thread for what it is worth her experience with CS in the phillipines was absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!

Granted she is not tech savvy but at one point the guy asked her if she had a husband, son, or brother so he could talk to a man about it. Another CS rep told her to unplug the ethernet cord from her tower and plug it into her computer. Im not the brightest tech guy either but I know the tower is the computer. When I bought my ooma hub and ran into some trouble I called and spoke with someone who knew english AND more importantly what they were talking about. I fear ooma may loose a boat load of customers to save money on customer support.

I really dont know why her hub didnt work and really wanted her to be able to save a bunch of money on her phone bill. She said she was so concerned about how hard it is to get the darn thing working that what is going to happen if something breaks in the future. For these reasons she said she just cant do it.

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