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#20176 by lesag002
Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:51 am
I have a time capsule/airport wireless router and have a Mobileme account. It appears that Back-to-my-mac (the remote desktop-type service that comes with Mobileme) is not working now that I have the ooma set up (between modem and router). I used to be able to connect to my home computer from work and use screen sharing to control it. Now, my home computer doesn't even show up in the finder sidebar under "shared". Do I solve this problem with some kind of port forwarding settings? Or will placing the ooma between the router and my computer help? Can someone who has solved this type of problem help me out?


#20208 by lutefisk
Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:17 pm
Putting the Ooma behind the router will work (but not between the router and computer... just connect the computer to the time capsule and the Ooma to the time capsule). In the configuration, you won't be able to get to without additional changes. There are a few threads that detail solutions to that. The easiest being to just connect the computer to the ooma when you need to reach the setup page.

I believe you can also put the time capsure into the DMZ of the Ooma, but I have not tried that so I cannot vouch for it.

I have my Ooma behind the router and it works fine.
#20210 by lesag002
Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:50 pm
Lutefisk wrote,

"I have my Ooma behind the router and it works fine."

So, by "working fine" do you mean mobileme services like back-to-my-mac work fine? I'm trying to figure out what setup works fine both in terms of ooma performance and mac mobileme services. So, just want to be sure where you are coming from...



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