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#19892 by pangdudu88
Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:17 pm
Newbie here. I just got ooma yesterday and installed the hub. It is working fine. But I could not get the scout to work.

Here are what I did:
I used a splitter on the phone jack in my office, where my router/modem (one equipment, they are together) and desktop computer are located. One port (1st port) of the splitter goes to the Verizon modem/router. Ooma hub connects to the modem/router. I then connect the phone jack of the hub back to the other port (2nd port) of the splitter that comes out of the phone jack and hope this way the hub will feed signal to the whole house. Next I connected the scout to another phone jack in another room. I could not make a phone call with the phone on scout. But for incoming call, the phone on scout also rings. When I picked it up, it still has the tone of phone ringing and will not go away. So it seems that it does not work quite right.

I then tried to connect the wall jack on the hub to the 2nd port of the splitter. It will disconnect both the router/modem as well as Ooma hub. So this does not work at all.

I have Verizon dryloop dsl. Based on the installation guide, I first identified if my phone/dsl are separate or not. I plugged a phone directly to the phone jack, there's dial tone and the static noise. I used a dsl filter in between then the static noise is gone. I tried to dial a local #, it tells me the # is out of my dialing area. This is understandable since I do not have a phone service with Verizon. So I guess even though I do not have the phone service. The phone/dsl are together.

Now what do I need to do to make the connection from Ooma hub to a phone jack to work so that the whole house or at least a phone jack connected with Scout will work?

Thanks a lot!

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