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#1010 by realsol
Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:40 pm
I just setup my Ooma with 2 lines. I currently have 2 lines with Vonage but I am hoping this system will work for me.

I setup my home line on the hub and my business line on the scout. When I am open for business, I would like to have my home calls also ring my business line. This way I could answer the calls from either location. Is this possible?

2nd, when I am not working in the office, but still accepting business calls, I like to use Vonage's multiring function to have both my business phone and home phones ring when I get a business call. I figured that the multi ring function would work like Vonage, but it won't let me add a Ooma phone number too it. Is this no possible? If not, will it be in the future?

#1041 by Dennis P
Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:46 pm
So if I understand you correctly, you have your home number on the Hub and your office number on the Scout. You would like:

1. calls to your home number to also ring on your Scout
2. calls to your business number to ring on your Hub

I assume you want your office number to have its own voicemail box, which is why you assigned it to the Scout device. Is this right? As a follow-on question, do you just need the greeting to be unique to the office, or do you really need a separate mailbox?

We plan to add the ability for calls on a personal device to ring on other devices and vice versa. I think this would solve both (1) and (2). The only gotcha might be if you only wanted your office calls to ring at home during certain times of the day. You could accomplish this by putting your office in Do Not Disturb when you wanted quiet at home - but I'm not sure if you would still want to be able to answer calls in the office during this time.

We don't allow Multi-Ring to point to another ooma number today because of potential loops that might occur. That restriction might be lifted in the future, but is not currently planned in the near term.
#1045 by realsol
Thu Dec 04, 2008 1:18 pm
Since the documentation I read said I could multi ring or forward to any number, I guess I assumed any number meant Ooma numbers only. Without this feature, it is hard to setup the way I would like it to be setup. This is not a must for me since I am a one man show right now. With Vonage, when I had employees, I could ring all numbers at the same time, like a PBX kinda feature. I guess I just don't yet understand how everything works.

The ability to ring other devices and visa versa would be perfect for what I need. Is there a place on the site that lets users see time frames when certain features are planning on being released and possibly beta test new features prior to release???

UPDATE: If I hear line #2 ring, I can pick it up on line #1 but picking line#1 and hitting flash. That hooks me into the ringing line #2. Hope that isn't a hack that is going away because that is pretty cool.


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