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#19296 by blakelyb
Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:21 pm
I had a lot of trouble to get this working so I am sharing how I finally got it to work. This assumes your internet service provider is SBC (also called AT&T, or, or SBC Yahoo). They provided me with the DSL modem (Motorola model 2210-02).

I use port forwarding due to bittorrent. Vuze has a feature to test if you port forwarding works.

Prior to ooma, my modem was set to "Bridged Mode", my router was set as "PPPoE". This worked before ooma, but not after ooma.

After ooma,
I had to change it so the modem is set to "PPP is on the modem" Mode. To do this you need to get into the modem setup screen so you may need to connect a computer directly to the modem, and using your internet browser go to
My router is set to have its WAN Type as "Dynamic IP Address".
My computers were set up as described at and I did not need to change them after going with ooma.

My ooma settings are:
Network Settings: Network conneciton: Automatic
Advanced Settings Home Port:
IP Address:
DHCP Configuration
Start Address:
End Address:
DMZ Address:
#19381 by blakelyb
Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:18 pm
Update 24 hours later:
I lost my phone and internet connection about 24 hours later. I wonder if it is that "lease time" thing that some networks do?

I took out my ooma and went back to how my system was before. I think I am going to return my ooma. I am having too much trouble getting it to work with port forwarding.
#19393 by WayneDsr
Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:36 am
Is your ooma hub connected before your router, that is, between your modem and router?
Put your network back as it was and plug ooma into your router as you would a pc. (behind the router).
Connect the ooma hub to the router using the MODEM port. Nothing connected to the HOME port of the ooma hub.

#19745 by tommies
Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:19 pm
blakelyb wrote:Yes I had tried that too. Some things I tried with the help of ooma phone support. We could get ooma to work, or port forward, but not both at the same time.

Wayne is correct, if you have/use bittorrent, vpn, home server, etc. placing the hub behind the router will make life a lot easier.

However, (from my own experiences) I first put ooma hub between modem and router, and then later move the hub to behind router will lead to a problem of colliding of ip addresses.

By default (ooma called Automatic) ooma hub will spoof my pc MAC address to use as its own MODEM MAC address. This results in both the hub and my pc have the same MAC, thus the same ip when the hub moved to behind router. (This is not a problem when the hub is in front of the router)

You need to change the hub Network Setting to use it own build in MAC address. To do so, temporary connect a pc to the hub HOME port and point the browser to or . Go to Network page.

Also go to the Advanced page, and copy the HOME port ip address into the hub DMZ. This will allow you to access the hub web interface from your pc using the ip address that the router assigns to the hub.

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