New user - Ooma works intermittently -help

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New user - Ooma works intermittently -help

Post by Monkey » Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:39 am

I hooked up everything the other day and Ooma worked. I was in awe, but then two calls were dropped mid conversation. Then most of the day yesterday my red light blinked and I could not get it to work even though my computer was on and everything is plugged in. I use wireless at home with the computer itself, but the modem/router that Time Warner provided is plugged in the same way when Ooma was working.

I guess I am confused - will Ooma work only when I am actually booting up my computer/using the internet - what happens when my computer goes to sleep? I did not think it mattered since Ooma is not plugged into my computer itself but the modem/router. I do not have a landline phone so there is not problem with the "plugged into the wall" topics that I have seen.

I'd like to call technical, but our cell phone vortex at home does not allow us to do so and Ooma does not work. Any advice would be great.

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Re: New user - Ooma works intermittently -help

Post by martyb » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:05 pm

Monkey - this is strange. I've never had the issues you have had, but you might try disconnecting every damn thing and putting it back together one step at a time.

Start by shutting down your computer and your cable modem. Physically disconnect the modem from the incoming internet connection and unplug the power line.

Then disconnect any router or wireless router. Reconnect your modem as if you didn't even own a computer, then connect ooma and a phone directly to the ooma device. Leave the computer and router out of the mix to start. Ooma SHOULD work at this point, after a couple of minutes of startup time. (If it doesn't, there's probably a problem with the ooma device or your cable modem.) If it does, then start adding other things back into the mix.. start with a pc with an ethernet cable coming straight off the ooma device. (IOW, leave any router out of this mix to start with.) If the PC AND the ooma device work together, then try adding the router back into the circle. If by adding one thing into the linked devices you find trouble, it might point to an address conflict or some other incompatibility.

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