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#982 by scottjays
Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:18 pm
I have 2 landlines currently. also have 2 phone bases that can access each of the 2 landlines. the first phone (primary) is in the office. It is now connected to the my internet router and ooma hub... works fine. NOT connected the landline wall jack
The Scout is running off of the hub as the second line phone number I requested from ooma. works fine. the phone works!
My ultimated goal is to allow a second phone 2 line base that is in a much different location, no real internet access nearby. I have this panasonic 2 line base running off my current land line, again works fine.
I want to port the 2 landlines to my new ooma. cancel the landline after porting..3-4wks. can i additional 1-2 scouts to connect to the land line base not in the office? confused? me too. I guess I can use a splitter in the office off the phone to connect wall jack to ooma hub
any advice?
#1021 by Bobby B
Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:49 pm
A couple clarifications --

You mentioned nothing is connected to your wall port of the ooma Hub -- how is the ooma Scout connected to the ooma Hub. Is it just connected directly with a phone cable?

For connecting the 2nd phone base - do you have a wall phone jack nearby that is on the same line as the ooma Hub? If so, you can connect an ooma Scout in that location and connect the 2nd phone base to it.

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