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#19074 by tjnamtiw
Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:50 am
FrequentFlyer wrote:

I guess I just have to resign myself to keeping the land line for inbound calls and use ooma for outgoing long distance.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!

That's pretty much what I had to do also. ATT/Bellsouth really suck when it comes to giving up customers to Ooma. :o) They make it extremely difficult and painful. I kept my local line so DishNetwork could check to see if I have my receivers here (also a stupid company!) and for the local friends who don't have cell phones. I never call out on it. In fact, just today I discovered it hasn't been working for over a month! Why am I paying ATT $35 a month???? Beats me.
#19157 by FrequentFlyer
Sun Sep 06, 2009 10:44 am
After much discussion, reenactments of several scenes from "The War of the Roses", and a hotly contested arm wrestling tournament, my wife and I agreed that the land line would go.

It's being disconnected Friday. We'll be 100% ooma at that point.

Any local folks who have land lines will simply have to call us from a cell or pay long distance fees to their telco for this "long distance" call (ooma # is for a town about 45 minutes away).

Thanks for everyone's help - I appreciate it, and your warm welcome as well.


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