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#17647 by rgse90
Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:55 pm
This is by far the best new invention to hit the markets in years. This is a no gimmick no nonsense system that really works. You get your money's worth and I am the most satisfied customer in the world. I am not an employee and I do not have any stake in this company although I would love to learn how to invest in this company because I think this is going to be the next best invention since fast food. My only criticism is that there is not enough advertising and I find myself having to tell everybody that this is not the magic jack nor is it anything like the magic jack.

Ooma is getting a bad rap because people are confusing it with the magic jack and the magic Jack really does not work and is nothing compared to Ooma. I bought 4 systems for my 4 phone lines. Just the fact that I never have to pay another phone bill to Verizon again is the best thing to happen. The fact that I do not have to rely on Verizon and their extortion methods are a big relief. I love having this system and I am going to put this system in all my apartments and include free telephone service with all my apartments just not to have Verizon coming and putting wires all over the apartments every time a new tenant moves in. So now I will just include free telephone service with all my apartments and buy Ooma boxes for all my apartments for all my tenants.

Since I transferred my 4 telephone numbers to my 4 Ooma boxes I am getting letters from Verizon asking me to come back to their service again and how they regret that am not a customer any more. "How Sweet it is" to finally say go F yourself Verizon. We the people are sick and tired and can do something about it. Thank you for finally helping the people and I hope this company will exceed far beyond their wildest expectations but you need to get the word out there that this is not magic jack and cannot be compared to Magic Jack.

This is truly the best idea yet.
#17977 by backforty
Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:15 pm
I was talking with AT$T's Detroit office ($ is intended) about getting listed in the white pages of my local phone book here in GR. The agent who never heard of ooma was very interest in the system and I think she may be getting it for herself!

I'm not big on being an early adopter of technology but this is nothing short of amazing!

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