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#16460 by devurandom
Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:08 am
Verizon service area: Virginia

Setup: DSL+Voice on same landline circuit

Situation: -- Nobody initiated a dry loop conversion

Dry loop DSL available, but Verizon claimed dry loop conversion had to be initiated by Ooma and that conversion could not be done since port was in progress and disconnect was already scheduled. This meant DSL service and voice service would stop when number was ported. Ooma insisted Verizon had to make the change, Verizon insisted Ooma had to make the change.

Solution: -- convert to credit card billing for high speed internet

On a whim, one Verizon rep suggested I convert my DSL to credit card billing, indicating that the Ooma port disconnect order was ONLY for the voice service, not the DSL, but that the DSL would be disconnected when the voice account closes as there would be no account to bill the DSL to. The rep suggested I talk to the high speed internet billing department (only open 8-6 EST; call 1-800-567-6789, choose billing, then high speed internet, then mash 0 enough times to get out of the annoying voice response system) and ask to have my DSL switched to credit card billing.

I called a few minutes ago, explained the situation to the high-speed internet rep and made the change to credit card billing. The rep indicated that with the change to CC billing, the DSL would NOT be disconnected with the voice service and that the change to CC billing WOULD automatically convert the DSL to dry-loop once the voice account closes. She indicated that the pricing may change, but to call back after the dust settles and see if a cheaper plan can be had with an annual contract. The rep didn't seem to be guessing about the dry-loop and disconnect issue, rather she seemed to know exactly the situation I was in and what would happen on the disconnect date.

My disconnect isn't scheduled until next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Any other experiences?
#16914 by scottlindner
Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:19 pm
Interesting you should ask this exact question. I ported my number from QWest to Ooma a while ago and at the time I have my DSL coupled with my phone number that I wanted to port. I called QWest and made sure a new DSL account was being created on the day of the port to ensure my Internet continued. Until you mentioned it I never thought of the relevance, but I had also automatic credit card billing set up. Just today, if you can believe the coincidence, I received my credit card statement and I have two charges for QWest but only one statement. After investigation I have been paying for two DSL accounts even though I didn't know about it. What happened is my phone number ported and QWest automatically created a new DSL account for me and it maintained my existing service contract. However, since I called in to make sure it worked correctly they created a second account with an entirely new service contract (higher rate since the old price for life rate is gone).

I know you have Verizon and I have QWest but my experiences appears to mimic what you explained.

#16943 by devurandom
Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:43 am
This seems to make sense. Dry loop DSL isn't a technical thing so much as it's a billing thing. AFAIK, there's no truck roll involved.

I'm out of town on the day of the switch, and rerouting my email as a precaution. We'll see what happens!
#19514 by devurandom
Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:43 pm
By "technical" I was thinking more in terms of the technology required to provide the service. The issue is one of billing and accounting, not one of "technology"... but I think we're all on the same page on that one. :-)

With all that said, here's what happened:

The day after my voice account was terminated, I received an e-mail to my verizon account from verizon online basically:
1) acknowledging my voice service disconnect, and
2) saying I had 7 days to contact them to keep my DSL active

I called them up (confusing since the tel # they give you routes you into the standard 1-800-verizon system - you need to select billing then high-speed internet otherwise nobody will know what you're talking about). They basically acknowledged that I was on credit card billing already and that I could disregard the notice. When I asked about a better price, they also gave me a great deal on a 1 year DSL contract that was cheaper than what I was paying when it was bundled. :-)

So, in short, there's no need to initiate a dry-loop conversion before the port -- at least in my case. Wait for the voice number to port and disconnect, then call them up within 7 days to switch billing on the DSL and keep that alive. YMMV.

Incidentally, my "dry-loop" is still connected to a voice switch on the far end. If I take the phone off-hook, I get an immediate ring tone, followed by a standard error about my call not being able to be completed as dialed...

They also assigned a new telephone number (provided in the e-mail notice) that my DSL account was moved under. This telephone number is probably now associated with my physical line. It can't be called though.

Hope this helps folks, best of luck!

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