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#14460 by pogne
Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:36 am
A fork from a previous thread:

I am currently having a couple problems with my installation but one of them is not helping matters - while I can access only the "Ports" selection under "Device Information" returns any information.

Settings: Network and Advanced can be clicked on but nothing appears

Device Information: Status is the same

WayneDsr wrote:To fix the issue, disable your anti virus. Some anti virus programs seem to mess with the setup screen.


Thanks Wayne!

That was exactly the problem behind the problem I was having with I pause my Kaspersky protection and now it works.

For reference purposes I'll verify that the problem exists with Kaspersky.

To correct it go to the Kaspersky firewall, under the filtration system click on settings, add the ooma hub's IP address as part of the "Trusted" zone.


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