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#12848 by blueheelercd
Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:18 pm
i have no idea.
i just followed vonage's instructions.

the phones were off, so i never tried.

i guess i'll climb up there and plug everything back in.


yes, i did it that way first. one by one.

the one were the direct tv was, where they put a telephone
jack is pretty new.
in should have worked?

i missed that about the meter, i don't know anyone that i could borrow one from.

there were 3 telephone #'s in this house, then i had 2, then 1.

between ooma and vonage it has only been about 6 months.

i appreciate this help. i really need another phone, somewhere!
#12850 by Groundhound
Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:16 pm
If I interpreted your last post correctly the experiment did not work, which means more than likely there is a fault in one or more of your wall jacks or the wiring between them. So if this is the case the options to extend extra phone(s) are one of the following, either have the wiring fixed or use a multi-handset cordless phone. The cordless phone option, especially a DECT 6.0 type, may be the least trouble and lowest cost option if fixing the wiring is not something you would want to do yourself.

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