Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know.
#12758 by StigMX5
Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:13 am
Well, talked with Support and after I pointed them to the articles, she talked with her supervisor.

She came back and said that those posts are incorrect, that if you keep the landline option, then your local calls would go out the landline. They supposedly have no way to route all local calls to ooma.

So for me, in wonderful Ohio with the "local plus" areas that are local calls (no 1 needed but billed on a per minute charge), I see no option available but to port the number and let it disconnect the land line and reestablish a basic land line for the alarm. I asked if there was a way that I could tell what ooma considered local, and she said no that it's handled by the system.

I guess I'm a little disheartened... I guess maybe I need to reevaluate if this is really worth the process. I'm open to any suggestions.

#12781 by scottlindner
Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:49 pm
Here's a thought that might be an adequate compromise.

Assign your temporary Ooma number to your Scout only, and connect a phone to the Scout that you use for these local long distance calls, and connect the rest of your phones to the Ooma Hub in the current configuration that you have. I don't know if this works the way I think it will because I havent' done it, and I also know it may not be a very ideal situation, but it would at least allow you to forcibly use the Ooma for local calling without porting your existing number.

#12788 by StigMX5
Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:56 pm
Thanks Scott for the suggestion. Tonight, I disconnected the ATT line from the outside box. I took an extension cord and took the outside plug coming from inside the house and routed it back into an outlet in the nearest room. I had to do this because the alarm is wired to cut off the inside extensions through the Mode 3 jack. I wanted to test to see if the alarm would dial out under ooma since I was told by the alarm company that it wouldn't work. They said it would only work with RoadRunner phone service.

I called them and set the alarm into test mode and triggered it off. After about 10 seconds, I turned it off and gave them a call. Sure enough, the alarm panel sent the alert to the monitoring company just fine.

So, given this.. if the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) rating is high for ooma over the next week, then I'll go ahead and start the port process and just forget the alarm hard line. I'll just need to cut the alarm wires that are spliced into the hardline and route it back to the inside punch down block so that it will get the ooma provided dial tone.

Later this year, I'll pick up a UPS for the ooma system, router and cable modem.
#12791 by scottlindner
Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:50 pm
I went through the very same trial you are. After a month we made the switch. If I can give you one consideration to consider when performing the extensive WAF tests (I'm there too) be sure to post any issue you have here. *Any* issue because it may be easily solvable, and not a real limitation.

I don't recall your network configuration, but if you have Ooma behind a router, your Internet usage could cause voice quality problems. This is solvable in various ways. So if you have that, let us know.

Good luck with the WAF tests!

#12797 by StigMX5
Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:02 pm
Thanks Scott. I placed the ooma hub upstairs after the Roadrunner modem and before my Linksys running dd-wrt. I did the speedtest and upload is 1.4Mb so I set the ooma uplink QOS to be 1400 per the article so I think I should be good to go.

Once WAF is in the positive, I'll do one more sanity check on the alarm before I cut/rewire and start the porting process.

As far as other decisions:

Did you port your number? if so, how long did it take? Any issues?

If so, did you sign-up for the premier or just pay for the port?

Thanks for your advise..
#12799 by scottlindner
Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:19 pm
Aside from serious ISP problems, I am confident Ooma will be satisfactory. It works very well. I am constantly impressed by it.

I did port my number. It went through a couple of weeks ago. I have DSL so the challenges are more complicated than with Cable service. You have cable so it is as simple as you might think. It is a bit long to read, but you can read my entire porting experience in this thread, The majority of it is due to the DSL complications. So it doesn't apply to your situation.

I scheduled my port through the Ooma website on June 10th. The number was ported on June 26th.

I did pay for Premier service. I would have paid for just the Blacklist feature but after a situation where both the wife and I needed to be on the phone at the same time for work purposes, the instant second line became another great reason. If you opt to go for Basic service and pay for the port, and later change your mind for Premier service you can call customer service and they will charge you the difference. Someone just recently went through that on this forum.

#12840 by StigMX5
Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:41 pm
Thanks Scott. If I can ask you one final question.

There isn't any issue with taking the hub's Phone and Wall jacks and wire them into the supplied splitter and then plugging that into the house phone wall jack, right?

The reason I ask is that my house has 4 wire system but the line 2s aren't wired in any outlet, nor the junction box. I read all these postings about people separating the hub wall to Line 2 to communicate between the scout and hub and line 1 for the phones.

While I understand the reasoning, I've read several postings that say the HPNA used by ooma isn't affected by the dial tone or conversations, just DSL which I don't have. I'm not having any problems wired with the splitter, but am curious if DSL is the only reason you need to run those separate.

Thanks again for all of the help.
#12841 by scottlindner
Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:49 pm
I have been thinking the very same question you just asked about. I am not sure there will be any problem with it for the reasons you cited. It's just like DSL and since you don't have DSL, it shouldn't be an issue. The only problem I can see is with your phones. Phones get grumpy when DSL is present on the lines. That's why the phone company gives you a handful of DSL filters when you sign up. You put one on each wall plate that has a phone on it to filter out the DSL. So in your case, you could probably do what you want, but you'll need DSL filters at each phone.

I also don't know if the Ooma Hub or Scout might get grumpy with this situation. I don't recall anyone trying it before. You could be the first to give it a go. Your rationale makes sense to me.


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