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#111146 by shmerls
Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:38 pm
If you have a network that requires you to set your router to handle Ooma, the usual suggestion is to use Port Forwarding. I just tried with D-LINK Tech Support help another method. To use D-LINK's Virtual server found:

ADVANCED > VIRTUAL SERVER (NOTE: I'm using a D-LINK Dir 655 WiFi Router)

You need to know your computer's IP address and Ooma's ports.

Your IP will be something like:

Ooma's ports are:

UDP 53
UDP 123
UDP 514
UDP 1194
UDP 3386
UDP 3480
UDP 10000-30000 (ignore this one for this set up)
TCP 110
TCP 53
TCP 443

Then inside your DLINK using a browser and your DLINK IP address, go to ADVANCED > VIRTUAL SERVER which looks like this:


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