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#109633 by JRW1954
Wed May 08, 2013 2:25 pm
Hello - I am new to Ooma. I was able to install everything, with a Linx and two phone numbers, and they seem to be working well. My question involves sending my dial tone to other phones in my house. Here is my set-up: I have Comcast cable service (which provides television, internet and phone -I am going to ditch the tv and phone and keep only the internet), with cable coming in the house to the Comcast modem. There is a phone cord that goes from the wall jack to the cable modem as well. The modem is connected to a Linksys router for wi-fi. My Ooma Telo is connected to the back of the router, and a phone line comes off the Telo to a phone (a Panasonic model KX-TGA101S base station). So here's the questions:

(1) What is the correct set-up to get my dial tone to other phones in my house?
(2) Do my other phones have to be plugged in to a wall jack?

Thanks in advance for any help.
#109634 by lbmofo
Wed May 08, 2013 2:32 pm
Likely, the cable tech disconnected your house wiring from the traditional telephone company to feed cable phone dialtone throughout your home. In this case, all you need to do is to feed the walljack your cable modem is feeding currently with Ooma dialtone (Ooma's "phone" port to the walljack instead of the cable modem to the walljack). Take a look at this post: /viewtopic.php?t=15059#p104878

Others have reported cable modem with digital voice capability degrades Ooma voice quality so if you have a chance, get your own modem and stop paying rental fees (~$7 to ~$10). Popular model is Motorola SB6121.
#109650 by JRW1954
Thu May 09, 2013 6:31 am
Okay, that worked. But I now have another question: I have several phones that are satellites of a base station. The latter apparently sends a signal to the satellites. Will the satellites work with Ooma or do I need single phones that will plug into the wall jacks?
#109651 by lbmofo
Thu May 09, 2013 6:34 am
If your multi-handset base is near Ooma, you can just use one of the duplex splitters to connect it to the Ooma "phone" port as well where you feed to the walljack.
Or you can just plug the base into any other walljack.
#109687 by Telo_BK
Thu May 09, 2013 5:02 pm
Your wireless phone system will work with Ooma as long as it's plugged into a wall jack that gets a connection from the Telo. If you need to use a two-line phone, you can use an adapter similar to the one pictured above in "reverse". This is a duplex adapter (actually a splitter) that has separate jacks for Line 1 and Line 2, and both are combined in the plug end. Normally such a splitter is used when there is two-line service in a building and one Line needs to connect to a single line phone (or wireless base station), and the other to a fax machine, or perhaps another single-line phone. To do so:

1) Place the Linx near the Telo and near a phone jack in your home
2) Connect each to the different jacks of the adapter, with the Telo going into the Line 1 Jack
3) Plug the adapter into the wall (which is almost certainly already wired for two lines)
4) Plug your two line phone (or base station) into another wall jack
5) Enjoy!

If you need to plug a single line phone into the wall for line1, just do that- Line 1 is the default for a single-line phone plug. If you need just line 2, you will have to get another 2-line splitter, plug that into the wall jack, then plug the phone for the second line into the Line 2 port of the splitter.

#109851 by JRW1954
Tue May 14, 2013 9:11 am
Thanks all - I plugged in the two line splitter to the Telo and attached the phone cord from the wall jack to one input and a phone cord from a base station to the other, and I get a signal in all of the phones. This is great!

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