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#109210 by Akai
Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:01 pm
I have Line share Internet/phone with AT&T currently.

My number is scheduled to port from AT&T on 05/01
AT&T scheduled a tech to come out to do a dry loop on 04/29 to separate the phone from the internet.

Should I just cancel the dry loop appointment and wait for 05/01 when my number is ported and Internet service is terminated automatically, then start the new Internet on the same day rather than do the dry loop then port?

Is there advantage to have dry loop? And leave the other line still available for phone?

If I wait till 05/01 I can avoid the dry loop, then use the vacated phone line for internet which means I can plug my router into any phone jack and not limit my router location to the only modified jack?


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