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#107664 by Willy15
Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:15 pm
My OOMA phone is working fine and my internet works fine - separately. If I receive a phone call, the internet stops and all I get is the hour glass until I hang up. Does the phone take full control of the router ports and this is normal?
Setup is Comcast cable modem (DOCSIS 3.0) to a Cisco/Linksys EA6500 router to OOMA. Phone quality is great and internet is fast.
I tried normal setup cable-ooma-router, but the internet connection was limited to 100mb not the 1000mb that the computer/router/cable was capable of.
There was a mention of turning off QOS on the OOMA, but that did not help.
Any ideas that would let them work together?
#107696 by Willy15
Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:25 pm
Thank you for the help.
I've gone through the routine several times before with no results.
BUT after doing a power cycle for the seventh time, it started working.!!!!!!!
BTW I have comcast modem to cisco router to ooma. I thought putting the ooma behind the router was a safe thing to do.
I always waited at least two minutes between tests.. Power off for two minutes then back on for two minutes before trying any tests. I guess it needed the seven kicks before it understood. Thank you again.

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