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#107271 by stubeeef
Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:37 am
Companies are so stupid.
I'm a director of sales and marketing and I can't believe how poor the customer service at Ooma is. Lord knows how many customers have wanted this system to work but have been decapitated by a CSR.
I've had the service for a number of years. I've gone through the early growing pains of the Telo and then got one for my mother. My mother is moving to a nursing home. I have had her unit in my garage for a couple of years since I bought it for her and she hated it.
I wanted to reactivate it but they want to charge me $79.95 because my mother has a different surname ( she remarried in 1977).
I try talking to the CSR moron and then a 10 min wait for another poor speaking asian that just hates people.
So instead of waiving the activation fee for a long term Premier Customer-and getting another Premier account.....they've pissed me off and I'm switching asap to Time Warner.
Want to tick off a friend-refer them to coma. I bet they're going to go broke from being stupid.
#107283 by stubeeef
Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:53 pm
I deactivated it because no one was using it, she hated it. Her number was ported from coma to verizon years ago.
I stuck it in my garage for future use. No use paying taxes on a box that was not being used!

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