Phones ring during Callwaiting

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Phones ring during Callwaiting

Post by mahoo » Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:33 am

New Oomie. When I am on a call, and I get another incoming call, all other phones start ringing instead of my getting a callwaiting beep. If I do not want to switch over to new call, I have to endure 30 seconds of all other phones in the house ringing. I have one phone attached to Ooma box, and in another room a Linx connected fax/phone with another phone plugged into that. Please instruct me on how to set it up so that I get a beeping on the phone I am talking on, so I can choose whether to switch over to new call.

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Re: Phones ring during Callwaiting

Post by Tom » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:10 am

By design when a 2nd call comes in you should get a call waiting beep and all idle phones will ring, assuming
all phones are in the same ring group and not private. That way both the person on the phone (if outside of
hearing range of the other phones) and another member in the household are alerted to the call.

On MyOoma in Preferences you can disable the call waiting beep. Call support if you want the 2nd call to simply
go to voicemail and not ring the phones.

You can test the call waiting beep by calling say our demo number 1-900-265-1040 and then calling the Ooma from
your Linx by dialing *00 (or call your Ooma number from another number).

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